It's here now . . . ClearVision Ultra Mobile!
Now you can access your ClearVision Customer Experience Management data
from your web-connected Mobile device. Here are just a few great features:

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No need to download or update an App
Because Ultra Mobile is a web app, it requires no downloading to your device. Just login to the Mobile site and you're there! And, you never need to run updates. New releases and features simply appear on the Ultra Mobile website!
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Works on all major web browsers
Ultra Mobile will run on most major web-enabled smart phones or tablet computing devices, running Android, Apple iOS, and Windows 8 mobile operating systems.
No configuration required
No need to build reports. They're all there, ready to use. Guest comments, Loyalty scores, Service scores, Performance trends, Individual survey review, Service Alerts and more. Each optimized for viewing on your mobile device.
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Data that's
always up to date.
The moment you log in, you can view up-to-date guest satisfaction data, that's kept updated on a rolling period basis. Plus, customize reporting time frames to meet your specific needs.
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View one location
. . or one hundred
With the new ClearVision Snapshot function, you can access information for a single location, or dozens (a big advantage for field managers).
Just click the location in Snapshot (menu or map, your choice) and it's all
there in an instant.